Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Friday, September 11, 2020

Internet of Things: Is it a Thing?

  • First of all, we will be covering the details and facts about the much-hyped topic known as the internet of things.
  • Internet connects all of us. It is an “Interconnection of Networks or Network of Networks”.
  • Similarly, The internet generally connects mobile devices, laptops, and desktops from all over the world which let’s all of us to communicate with each other. But what is “Internet of Thing?, Isn’t an interesting phrase”.
  • This term “Internet of Thing” was first introduced by Aston Kevin in 1999. Almost, When devices other than mobile and laptops/desktop get connected to each other through the internet. This network of physical devices is known as “Internet of Thing”.
For example Cars, Electric gadgets, Software, Watches, Televisions, Smart devices are when connected through internet generated the internet of thing.
  • “Internet of Thing” describes the world as a place where every possible electronic device is connected to every other possible device in the smartest way possible.
  • Moreover, The “Thing” in the Internet of Thing refers to as the devices which can be connected to all other devices in a controlled manner.

Internet of Thing: The Concept

  • Internet of things, a technology that allows us to integrate and let devices communicate with each other in order to serve us better. More the use of “Things”, higher would be the advantage. The concept that rides Internet of Things is “Connect Things, Connect People” and “Connecting humans to devices”.
  • Establishing communication channels across all the devices connected via internet technology and at any point in time at any possible place.
  • Similarly, The concept behind “Internet of things” allows physical devices and machine with integrated sensors to communicate and exchange data among each other without the involvement of human beings making it an automated process.
  • Above all, Automating the data exchange will ensure better communication, resulting in an ecosystem. Where everyone is connected in a systematic but not so secured manner because of its vulnerability to hacking.
  • Consider an example of a car embedded with smart sensors and connected to internet met with an accident. In such cases of emergency, Internet Of Things will come handy where an automated response in form of SMS or Call will land to the nearest medical center stating the whole scenario which can ultimately result in better chances of the victim being treated well and on time.
Internet Of Things : Smart Cars
Internet Of Things: Smart Cars

  • Similarly, Another example can be of smart homes which to are embedded with smart sensors connected through Internet where, if someone forgets to lock his/her home, then these smart sensors will automatically push the notification to the owner's smart device such as Mobile/Laptop. A single consent given by the owner after the notification from his phone or laptop will lock his/her home.

Smart Homes

Internet Of Things: The Characteristics

  • Internet Of Things being such a popular technology these days which is accepted worldwide because of its ability to possess some fine characteristics which makes it such an interesting concept. Some of the characteristics are:
    1. Smart Sensing.
    2. Data Communication.
    3. Intelligent Enough.
    4. Decision-Making Ability.
    5. Non-Scalable Ecosystem.
    6. Less/No Human Involvement
    7. Mobility.

Internet Of Things: The Conclusion

  • The Internet Of Things is the tech to connect every device to each other via the internet. Making it an ecosystem where data communication becomes highly organized and easy.
  • Certainly, It is going to transform a number of aspects related to our lives in the upcoming days. As far as issues are concerned, IOT is no longer a technology which is not vulnerable. It is most vulnerable to security and privacy end of users.
  • Apart from this “Hacking” is also a major cause for concern. By providing enough secure environment, the mentioned issues can be simply lowered and IOT can become a major boom.
Moreover, the Internet of Things is surely the future we should look forward to.
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--- Ganesh Upreti---